1996 Crush district 11 Zinfandel

    Purchased these Grapes from a Man named Mark Joly on 9/17/96.
    Sugar was 23 brix at harvest
    .82 Total Acidity at harvest
    .25 ppm sulfite at harvest
    Pitched with K-1 yeast on 9/17/96
    Pitched with Malolactic culture 9/20/96
    This was a fast primary fermantation and was pressed on 9/25/96 and put into 15 gal. stainless steel beer kegs for secondary fermatation and aging. As for how this wine is coming along, it has become a real nice Zinfandel and we have added about 3 or 4 pounds of toasted french oak chips. It is not a real dark colored Zinfandel, but has a real nice taste.

    August 25th 1997

    Today we bottled about 4.5 gallons of the Zinfandel and blended another 11 gallons with about 4.5 gallons of the 96 Rancho Salina Cabernet Sauvignon for a blend we are calling Cabfandel

    November 21st 1998

    Today we bottled 2 cases of Zinfandel and blended 10 gals with 5 gallons of 96 Cab

    October 9th, 1998

    We bottled another 15 gallons of Zinfandel. we now have bottled about 125 bottles and about 5 cases of 96 Zin to be bottled.
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