2013 Demattei Ranch Zinfandel (Pine Mountain)

Picked on 10/4/2013

pickers were Tom Parker, Danielle Harnish and Colin Perry

1191 lbs.

25.5 Brix at Crush

Pitched with Rockpile yeast 10/4/2013


Pressed on 10/13/2013

added 20ppm sulfite


Racked on 10/26/13

added 20ppm sulfite

have it in

one new 30 gal. american oak

one old 30 gal french oak

one new 11 gal baverian oak

one 15.75 gal stainless beer keg

Still under fermentation at this point


Bottled 30 gallons of this prematurly and in December of 2014 ended up pulling corks and putting it back into a stainless steel Beer keg + a large bottle
This wine did not finish fermenting so was sweet

October 2014

 We picked some early cabernet from Stone Barn Farm and blended it with this to get it to finish
The blend worked out to 82% Zinfandel and 18% Cabernet Sauvignon

January 2015
Lab Results

 Alcohol 14.5% by Vol.
pH 3.75
T.A. .672 g/100ml
Free SO2 3mg/L

March 25th 2015

 Bottled 15 gallons of this wine
Current blend leftover is 35 gallons

April 19th 2015

added 40ppm SO2 to the 35 gallons and topped barrel.