Stone Barn Farm


Picked on 10-6-2012

A blend of

1040 lbs. Zinfandel

348 lbs. Merlot

adjusted T.A. .73 at harvest

adjusted Brix 23.4

Sulfite added for 60 ppm

Pitched with ICVD21 yeast on 10-7 at 10:00am


Pressed  into 3 oak barrels and one 2 gallon carboy to yield

92 gallons wine to be racked in a couple weeks

T.A. at pressing was .675


First Racking

91 gallons of wine


Second Racking

added .3ml per gal. of Copper sulfite solution

to remove any off odors and 10ppm sulfite solution

also added 5 bottles of Cabernet wine to top barrels


Third Racking

had to top with 3. 5 bottles of Cabernet to fill barrels

Wine is clean

and we are taking a sample to lab in Napa next week

did a T.A. test at home after racking and seems we have lost T.A. as I am getting a value of .47 T.A.   way too low,

it may be due to bringing it home in little plastic container.


Took wine to lab for testing
and now have a result we need to deal with,as the .46 T.A. is too low.
Added an 8 oz. bag of tartaric acid to each barrel and also 40ppm of SO2


Today we are racking the wine and now adding an acid solutin to the barrels that
I have prepared at home by boiling the water and disolving the Tartaric Acid into.
We are adding 19 oz. of Tartaric Acid to the wine today after finding a small T.A. boost from 3-12 to .525
Also adding 27ppm SO2.
After the addditions did another Acidity test and came up with .685 T.A.
This should drop a tiny bit and we should be right in the ballpark for Total Acidity.
Also the wine was tested for Alcohol and the level is higher then anticipated but OK at 14.5%


Bottled one barrel of wine today (12 cases)


Tested Acidity today and came up with a T.A. of .60 and PH of 3.96


Lab test on this wine
Alcohol 14.4% by Vol.
pH 3.60
Titratable Acidity .669 Grams/100 ml.
Free SO2 11 mg/L