Petaluma Cellar

Stone Barn Farm


This is a blend of Grapes from Stone Barn Farm and an estimate of the percentages since it was taken from both fermenting wines being made this year.

39% Cabernet Sauvignon
23% Merlot
35% Zinfandel
3% Cabernet Franc

These percentages are for the grapes before adding Alcohol to stop fermentation at about 6% sugar

Alcohol is now about 20% by volume
(Alcohol produced from distilling 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon that never got into bottles)

Removed fermenting must from both different wines on October 10th (about 3.5 days into fermentation),
added alcohol to stop fermentation and put in what I thought to be a 10 gallon American oak barrel that turned out to be closer to a 9 gallon barrel. 
Had added the alcohol to the barrel first and this left me with too high a percentage of alcohol.
So to bring that back down, I fermented a separate batch of Cabernet (about 25 lbs)  down to about 10 brix and on
October 20th, then racked off the port in the barrel, washed the barrel of what had fallen out of the Port
and put in the new small batch of wine after hand pressing it (about 2 gallons).
Then filled back up the barrel with original  batch of port.