2011 Stone Barn Farm Zinfandel/Sangiovese

This wine is a joint venture with Gail and John Diserens

Picked on

October 17th 2011

Pickers were

Holly Bennett, Don Dufresne, Danny Streeter, Gail Diserens and Colin  Perry


486 pounds of Zinfandel grapes
569 pounds of Sangiovese Grapes
1055 lbs total
Brix of Must was 22.5
sulfited heavy due to condition of grapes
1050 ml of 10% sulfite solution to bring the
 120 gallons of must to 132 ppm Sulfite
Acidity was 0ver 1.0 so added 20 ounces of Calcium Carbonate to bring it down
Acidity test 10/20 showed T.A. at .70

Gail and Danny Crushing and stemming



October 23rd 2011

Must is actively fermenting

Brix is now at about 4 so thinking of pressing in a couple days

October 24th 2011

Pressed the must and ended up with 2 30 gal barrels 1 13 gal beer keg 3 5 gal carboys and 2 2 gal carboys
total of 92 gallons of wine
inoculated with Malo-lactic culture to put wine through Malo-lactic


John Diserens Pressing the grapes

October 30th 2011

Racked wine today and seems a bit acidic
but will see how it is in December when we rack again

December 1, 2011

Racked wine again and added sulfite
to bring it up to 30 ppm
Now have two Oak barrels and 1 beer keg full or 75 gals.

October4th 2012

All wine now bottled as of today.
Yield was 30 cases
Wine got a bronze at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair

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