2011 Stone Barn Farm Sangiovese

Picked on October 19th 2011

Pickers were

John and Gail Diserens

Don Dufresne


520 lbs of Sangiovese grapes
89 lbs of Cabernet Grapes
Total of 609 pounds of grapes 22.0 degrees Brix at harvest
T.A. 1.0 at harvest
550 ml of 10% sulfite solution added
14 oz. of Calcium carbonate to reduce T.A.
10 lbs of Sugar added to raise brix to 24
Pitched with Uvaferm 43 wine yeast




October 23rd 2011

Lots of fermenting going on


October 27th 2011

Pressed must and ended up with
64 gallons of juice
checked T.A. and at .75
which should drop a bit and end up in the range we are looking for
It looked like there was at least 50ppm free sulfite
so left that alone
Added Malo-Lactic culture
put in cellar in 4 beer kegs and 2 one gallon glass

December 29th 2011

Racked wine and added 220 ml. 10% sulfite solution
then add 50 ppm. Added 9 bottles of 2008 Zinfandel to fill
4 beer kegs after racking> Now have 4 beer kegs or 62 gals.



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