2010 Stone Barn Farm Cabernet Sauvignon

Picked grapes on October  21st


Luke Cody

Danny Streeter

Mike Murphy

Don Dufresne

Colin Perry

1430 lbs and 23 Brix at harvest

T.A. .73

800 ml of 7.5% Sulfite solution added to must to give it about 65 ppm Sulfite

Pitched with Rockpile yeast Oct. 21 in the afternoon

October 27

pressed out about 6 gals. of juice to make


October 31, 2010

Pressed must and put in barrels in Cellar

December 4th 2010

Racked wine and added 3/4 lb. of Dark toasted french oak chips

About 80 gallons of wine

May 7th 2011

Racked all wine and added 80 ml of 7.5% sulfite solution

added  2 lbs of Dark toasted French oak chips to wine returned to barrels and bottled 50 bottles

Before racking taste test revealed a slight sulfur smell which was gone after racking and returning to barrels.

June 11th 2011

Racked wine and bottled one 15.5 gal keg which yielded about 70 bottles

September 15th 2011

Bottled one of the 2 30 gallon oak barrels 

equivalent of 18 bottles had we not broken about 4 of them

1 barrel still to bottle 



Quickly though it did win a Silver in the Sonoma County Harvest Fair