2008 Dry Creek Zinfandel

Sunday 9/14/2008

Started with 1295 lbs. of Zinfandel grapes from Unti Vineyards in the Dry Creek area of Sonoma County.  Got grapes early in the morning and brought home and Crushed in backyard.  ended up with about 120 gals. of must at around 23 brix.  Pitched with Rockpile yeast at 4:00 pm.

Thursday 9/18 

Checked Brix with hydrometer and down to 10 degrees Brix.

Friday 9/19

Start of Port

Purchased 5 1.75 liter bottles of Korbel Brandy and pressed 5.5 gals of juice out of must. Must  was at 5 degrees Brix on pressing. Added the brandy and put in 7.75 gal beer keg.   By my calculation this should bring this portion to 18.3 % alc.

Sunday 9/21

Pressed all the rest of the Must into barrels and kegs  got 73.5 gals of juice.

Saturday 10/11

Racked all wine and lost about 4.5 gals of juice. 

Also racked Port and topped with 50% wine and 50% brandy or about 500 ml of brandy.  Put 10 oz of medium toasted American oak chips into Port.

Sunday 10/12

Checked Total Acidity and it's at .6375-.675 T.A.

The range for Red wines is .60 to .75 so total acidity is good.

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