2014 Merlot

Stone Barn Farm Vineyard
produced in Petaluma

Picked 9/13/14

676 lbs Merlot
90 lbs. Sangiovese

24 Brix at harvest

T.A at harvest 5.2gram/liter.

Added 2grams/liter to bring T.A. to 7.2grams/ liter

added Lallzyme EX to improve extraction and stability

added SO2 at 40ppm

Added 5 gallons of Cabernet Sauvignon (picked and fermented out 2 weeks prior) to bring down sugar and acidty up. ( Cab was 15.5 brix at harvest and 8.0 grams per liter T.A.)

Added Malo-lactic culture


Pressed and into one new 32 gal. oak barrel, one 15.5 gal. beer keg and one 7.75 gal beer keg.2 1 gal. glass for a total of 57 gallons.


racking and adding 30 ppm SO2

January 12th 2015

Demartis Lab Results

Alcohol  14.13% by vol.
pH 3.54
Titratable Acidity   .631 g/100ml
Free SO2   17 mg/L

April 25th 2015

Bottled a 7.75 gallon stainless keg of this today for 39 bottles.