Cabernet Sauvignon

Demattei Ranch

Pine Mountain


Picked on September 14th 2013

1610 pounds of Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes

30 pounds of Zinfandel grapes

Starting Brix of Must after Crush  26.4 Degrees

Pitched with Rockpile (RP15) Yeast  at 5:30pm 9/14/2103

Stirred in yeast with a mortar mixer

September 22, 2013


After Fermenting on the skins for 8 days the sugar level is still at 15 brix

but will continue to drop

We achieved almost 120 gallons of juice out of the pressing

Checked T.A. at .68 

Added 20 ppm Sulfite


First racking on 10/26

Still fermentating at this point

added 20 ppm Sulfite

January 2014

At this point we have a stuck fermentation
So moved 30 gallons into house to try keeping warm and see if that solves the problem
nothing happened till it got put back in cellar and it finely finished
after attempts to get it going again.

August 30, 2014

Decided to blend some Cabernet picked early from Stone Barn Farm to balance of
the wine so added what worked out to about 25% of Early pick Cabernet
That wine then finished fermenting to dry.

January 2015

Lab results

Alcohol 14.1%
pH 3.49
T.A. .792 g/100ml.
Free SO2 7mg/l.

March 25th 2015

Bottled the 30 gallons of unblended 2013 Cabernet

April 19th 2015

Added 20ppm SO2 to remaining wine (blend)
Current amount of wine still in barrels is 75 gallons 

April 25th 2015

Bottled one 30 gallon barrel today
Current quantity left in barrels is 45 gallons.