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Me down in the cellar


Age: 57 years old
Residence: Petaluma
State: Ca
Country: USA
Formerly employed with Safeway as a Retail Clerk (32 years) but have interests in Computers, Winemaking Flying, and Sailing.
Right now one of my favorite hobbies is making wine. As I live in Sonoma county and Napa is only a hop away, I can get good quality grapes of all kinds. I also have my  wine cellar in the backyard, which I use to store and produce all my homemade wine. My friends call it a bomb shelter. If you are a home winemaker and are interested in trading, let me know and lets work out something. I think that my wine is pretty good and we do pour at a home winemakers get-together in the Napa Valley annually. It is called "The Homewinemakers Classic". 

The other little activity I managed to get myself into lately is flying. I now have my Private Pilot's License as of July 1997. I have some Flying pictures up now.

a short clip from Reno Air Races

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